seriously ?

So many people taking pictures; I mean, it was hard enough with video "My cousin Dave's got one of them cameras, don't know what you charge the money for, anyone can do it".

First off, your cousin Dave hasn't got one of those cameras and if he did have, he's clearly got more money than sense. And "all that money" for 12 hours on your feet followed by six weeks of editing.... kind of explains why I don't do video any more. That said, if you asked nicely...


Stills, started with the dogs (9 dogs now), love the dogs. Lots of dog pictures and cat pictures and not so many people pictures.... Dogs don't mind but people get a little funny when you walk up to them and ask to take their picture.

So I start a website, I have the kit, more on the way... stills cameras that cost more than video !!

I have some weddings, would like some more..

I have a few portraits but if you'd like one, let me know