Decisions, decisions

It takes me a while to decide on anything that costs money. Whether to buy you a drink, for instance, will take about as long as it does for you to get your wallet out and buy me one.... by which time, the moment has passed.

So imagine a camera then. I'm Nikon, not because I made a concious decision based on a bunch of reviews, but because I knew what I wanted to do and the camera that did it for me was a Nikon. Could have been a Fuji, a Sony, a Canon or even a Leaf but it wasn't.

I bought the D700 the day before they stopped selling (it being "replaced" by the D800). It's a D3 in a smaller box (I was told) but the smaller box is the best bit.

So imagine my dilemma. I want low light with high frames per second in a small box. I'm handed a D810 (36MP but only 6 FPS) or a D4S (11FPS in a box the size of a magnox power station).

Now what ?