Future proof

It's rare I'm proud of a photoshoot; to steal the quote

"I don't strive to be the best, I simply strive to be better than I was last week".

I like to consider myself relatively creative, but its rare to get that chance to be creative in commercial photography. Clients expect things to be a certain way, to look a certain way, meaning you can't experiment or try anything new or unconventional ; not so with Saffron. 

When Saffron starts a full time career as a professional model (which she will) she will be in high demand. Creative, adaptive, tolerant and needing little direction : no diva and a high work ethic (ended up in hospital with hyperthermia after our last shoot) (sorry), Saffron is a joy to work with. 

Like I said; very proud of this one (even if someone else did most of the work).

You can find Saffron HERE