Concept, design & creation

If your company has been looking around for brand solutions, you’ll appreciate the cost of hiring in big companies. Simply coming up with a few ideas can cost you thousands; then you have to hire in the photographer, the retoucher, the graphics designer and a whole of host of extras to get to your final campaign.

I can work with you, at a fraction of the cost, producing all of the original photos and design to give you the brand image you want and setting aside the bills you don’t want.

Two recent projects for smaller sized organisations in the dog grooming world : Having talked with the team at each company I came up with the concept for a photoshoot. In both case, all photographs were taken in one day shoot; pre planning saved time (and money) by ensuring we had flexibility to use the photos in different ways for current and future campaigns (saving money by reducing the need for re-shoots).

If you’re looking to push your brand without pushing your budget, we can put together a campaign, with original photographs, from as little as £1500. That includes concept - shoot - design and delivery. Turnaround times are super quick as you’ll be dealing with me directly, no waiting for the bureaucracy to grind into action.

Talk to me now about what you need and we can come with an original campaign that will put your product or service out there and at the top : call me on 02392 346901 email

Shoot day : Colin Taylor Grooming photoshoot / Ambassadors / Products / Dogs

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 23.19.09.png

From this single photoshoot the brand campaigns below were designed, edited and produced all in house (by Mojo El Mundo). The shoot still has ‘legs’ and many photographs have yet to be used and can be used for future campaigns.


taylor cartoonALOE.jpg